Category: Country Walks
Difficulty: Moderate

Starting at the Glendine church car park, proceed to the main road and turn left.

When you come to the point where a stream runs under the road and falls to the church car park as a waterfall, look directly right and you will see a track through the trees. Take this track and continue along it until you come to a Y junction in the track. The well-worn path looks like it continues straight ahead. Turn left here and take the path which runs parallel with the road below.

This path eventually exits onto the main road, where you will see a grass road veering to your left.

Taking this lovely grass road through the glen, continue until you arrive at a Y junction. The track on the right is a mud track with a grass centre, while while the route to the left is a road.

Take the mud track, following it around the bend and ignoring the next track on the left as you are travelling around the series of bends. Eventually, you will arrive at a T junction on the main road. Turn right here. Due care is advised when travelling on the roads.

At a house called ‘Glendine View’, there is a road to the left (the second left turn on this road), which you take. Follow this road for approximately half a mile until you arrive at a crossroads. At this crossroads, the entrance to Ballynatray demesne is straight in front of you.

Turn right here. Shortly after passing the water works (white building with large tank in front, surrounded by railings) on the right side of the road, you will come to a track through the trees which will bring you back to the road near Glendine church and your starting point.

Points of Interest