Category: Country Walks
Difficulty: Moderate

To reach your starting point, leave the N72 at the Bride View Bar & Bistro. The Bride View is now closed, so ample parking is available.

This walk commences at the Bride View. Follow the minor road parallel to the N72. This will lead you up a hill, with beautiful views toward Youghal on your right.

Continue up this hill until you reach a Y junction with a sign for ‘Bride Valley House & Fruit Farm’ pointing down the right-hand turn. Turn right here. Follow this lane through a nicely wooded area, giving all due care in light of the narrow, twisty bends.

After a short while, you will come to a second junction. Here, the Fruit Farm is once again signposted to the right. The lane you are on continues up a gently sloping hill, curving around in a sharp bend. Stay on this lane.

As you begin to descend, you will come to a junction formed with a small road joining your route from the right. Continue straight here.

Proceed along this stretch until you reach another junction with a small road joining your route from the right. Once again, continue straight.

Shortly, you will reach the Y junction at which you originally turned right for ‘Bride Valley House & Fruit Farm’. Continue straight here and return to your starting point.

Points of Interest