Category: Hiking
Difficulty: ModerateThis loop is the longer of two which start and finish near the source of the Blackwater river in the north Duhallow region. As you follow this loop, you will actually pass the source.

Starting from the car park, enter the forestry following the green arrows. These are for the shorter Doctor’s Hill Loop.

After 800m, you will reach a junction with a forest road from the right. Proceed straight on here. Continue to follow the forestry road for a further 800m to reach a three-way junction where the green loop turns right. You will continue straight here.

Proceed uphill towards Knockanefune. After 1.9km, you will reach the source of the Blackwater.

Now you begin your homeward journey, following forestry roads for roughly 3km as you descend gently towards Muinganine. Watch for a right turn which will take you off the forestry road and onto a woodland path heading downhill.

Follow the downhill path and exit beside an old homestead (O’ Learys), where you turn left onto a sandy laneway. Continue along the laneway to eventually reach a tarred road. Turn right here.

Follow the road for a short period, crossing the Blackwater river via Doctor’s Hill Bridge.

Almost immediately, turn right onto a laneway near Doctor’s Hill.

Follow the laneway over the shoulder of Doctor’s Hill to reach a three-way junction where you rejoin the green loop for the remainder of your journey. Continue on the forestry road to reach the T junction you passed near the start of the loop. Here, turn left and enjoy the trip back to the trailhead.

Points of Interest