Category: Forest Walks
Difficulty: Moderate

Starting north of Monee crossroads, proceed up the grass track at the forest barrier where the Avondhu way-marker indicates a turn into the woods.

The track gradually rises upward, passing under the power lines overhead. Ignore the path to the right under the power lines and continue as the way-marker indicates, straight ahead, until you come to a T junction.

Looking left, there is a grass mound, with a large, green farm building behind it. Follow the way-marker left until you come to the next marker, which is opposite a metal farm-gate. Leave the way-marked route at this point, and turn right.

Follow this track for approx 2km, ignore the grass track to the right and continue on along the forest path with green fields in the distance.

Roughly another 100m on, the track swings round to the left. Don’t follow the natural bend of the track, instead take the other/ grass track straight ahead, keeping the same green fields in sight in front of you.

This track will eventually swing around to the left and, at the next T junction, turn left. Within 100m, you will come to another T junction and, here, you will take the right turn.

This track finally emerges out of the woods at a forest barrier across the road from a farm house.

Look left here and you will see a gate and stile, with a way-marker pointing across the stile. Follow these way-markers to return to your car.