Category: Town Walks
Difficulty: Moderate

This walk introduces you to the history and architecture of the town of Lismore.

The walk begins at the entrance to the town, on the Cappoquin side of the Lismore Bridge. At the beginning of the walk, there is a magnificent view of the castle from the old canal bridge on the Cappoquin road.

Having crossed the bridge, you will reach a fork in the right. Stay right.

The road to the left (which you didn’t take) is the old Ferry Lane. This was the main roadway between the town and the river until the middle of the last century. On your walk up the ‘New Way’ alongside the castle walls, the quaint Deanery Hill may be viewed to the left and, further on, the cross marking the Holy Well of St Carthage rises above the wall.

Continuing along the road toward the town centre, one meets an elaborate gothic fountain which dominates a road junction.

Turn right at this junction onto what is known as Gallows. The summit of this hill is dominated by the Christian Brothers’ Monastery.

Walking up the hill, the library building is found on the right.

Upon reaching the Grotto of the Blessed Virgin, turn back toward the town.

Turn to your right into Chapel Street. This is an incredibly pretty street – many of its houses were embellished with half-timbering in the late-19th century. The street is largely residential today but, in the past, it was a busy hive of activity and one of the main routes to the railway station and workhouse. As you proceed along the street, you will come to St Carthage’s Church.

Turn left at the church, then turn left onto South Mall.

At the junction where South Mall meets Main Street, there is another house in the old English style on the right-hand corner.

Standing at this crossroads, Main Street is to your left, East Main Street is to your right and, straight ahead, you will see the elegant expanse of the tree-lined North Mall. This leads to the St Carthage’s Cathedral and provides a valued amenity area for the town. The Cathedral boasts beautiful interiors and is well worth exploring.

On leaving the Cathedral grounds by the cobbled path, Deanery Hill lies to your right, near the Deanery. Retrace your steps along the North Mall, turning right to enter the Main Street, which features many early town houses and fine old shop fronts.

– Information on walk provided by Barry Connolly, Tom Baker, Kevin O’Farrell and Tom Tobin, from their guide ‘Walking in Fermoy, the Galtees and Surroundings’ (Fermoy, 1999)

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