Category: Country Walks
Difficulty: Moderate

On the Lismore town side of Lismore bridge, you will find the starting point of this trail. Parking is available here.

At the black gates on your right (as you face the road), you will see the map board inside the gates for Lady Louisa’s walk. This walk follows a path on the southern side of the river Blackwater. Follow Lady Louisa’s walk until you reach the wrought iron gate. Instead of turning right up the hill, continue along the river bank.

A stand of mature pine trees on top of a mound will indicate that you are approaching the famous Round Hill, a great mound, or earthwork, covering two or three acres in extent.

Eventually, you will come to two steps exiting onto an old grass track to your right. At this point you will no longer be able to continue along the riverside.

On reaching the top of the track you emerge on the Lismore-Cappoquin road, with signposts for the Lismore River Walk. Turn right here and continue until you come to the grass triangle in the centre of the road. Follow the road around to your right and, at the next T junction, veer right onto the foot path.

Continue past the school, and along the main street of Lismore. You will reach a crossroads with a monument in the centre of the road, Lismore Hotel on your right and the Heritage Centre across the road on your left.

Turn right here to return to your car, noting on the way the beautiful millennium park on your left, the entrance to the castle gardens beyond that and, a little further on on your right, St Carthage’s holy well.

The large fountain on the left is known locally as “the Spout”.

Continue to the bridge, the car park and your starting point.

Points of Interest