Category: Town Walks
Difficulty: Moderate

A walk in Glanworth gives a unique view of Ireland’s historic past. Ancient prehistoric sites, medieval buildings and other aspects of our heritage can be viewed at every turn.

Starting at the parking/recycling area across the road from the old mill, turn right and cross the bridge (following signposts for Kilworth).

Proceed along this road, following it around the sharp bend at Manning Cross and continuing in the direction of Kilworth until you come to a sharp right-hand bend with views of the bridge over the river Funcheon to your right. Take this right turn and continue until you come to Ballynahow Crossroad (a crossroad with a very minor road, even a track, coming from the left). Turn right here.

You will find yourself on a quiet, tree-lined road and, at the next T junction (marked Bounbawn crossroads on the map), turn right.

At the next Y junction follow the main road around to the left.

After approximately 1km, you will pass the Labbacallee megalithic wedge tomb on your right. (For more information about Labbacallee, take a look at this route’s significant waypoints.)

After you have passed the megalithic tomb, the river Funcheon comes very close to the right side of the road, near Labbacallee Bridge.

As you approach the village of Glanworth, the spire of Glanworth church dominates the skyline.

On reaching the next junction (at Glanworth village), turn right and follow the road down past the new church in the direction of the old church (now the community centre).

Turn right and continue to your car.

– Information on walk provided by Barry Connolly, Tom Baker, Kevin O’Farrell and Tom Tobin, from their guide ‘Walking in Fermoy, the Galtees and Surroundings’ (Fermoy, 1999)

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