Fermoy Corrin Loop

Category: Forest Walk
Difficulty: Moderate

Starting at the Grand Hotel, walk along the river away from the bridge. Pass Fermoy Rowing Club on your left and advance onto Barnane Walk.Continue over the stile at the end of Barnane and carry on to the Inch Fields.

On the river bank here you will find the Strand, an area in which many Fermoy people learned to swim. At this point, the river sweeps around to the left past what is known locally as ‘The Rock’.

As you follow the river through the trees, you will see the it meandering past Castlehyde Estate, the home of one of Fermoy’s few claims to fame – Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance.

Your walk continues through a fenced path running parallel to the Glenabo Glen.

Exit at Glenabo Bridge and follow the yellow way-marker signs. Cross the road and move up through Glenabo Woods.

As you enter the woods, you will reach a fork in the road. Take the right-hand fork up the hill. Still following way-marker signs, turn left and pass a number of farms. Follow this path for 3km. On your left, you will see Corrin Hill, easily identifiable by the telecommunications mast and the cross which sit atop it.

Ignore the way-marker indicating a right turn into the woods and continue straight ahead along a narrow road until you reach a crossroads. This is Geaney’s Cross.

Turn left and walk along the road until you reach the signpost for Fermoy Golf Club. Follow the road around to the left (keeping the entrance of the Golf Club on your left) and walk downhill. Take the next left and continue down the hill until you reach the parking area at the entrance of Corrin Wood, also on your left.

Enter the woods here and follow the route – which is marked at intervals by the Stations of the Cross – climbing to the large cross at the summit of Corrin Hill.

Return to the crossroads at the 13th Station of the Cross and turn right, continuing down through the woods to the hairpin bend.

Follow the track on the left until you reach a stony pathway. There are stunning views of the town of Fermoy from here, so it is a good place to pause for a moment.

Continue down the stony pathway as far as Glenabo, turn right at the bottom of the hill and follow the road back to the town. At the first set of traffic lights, take a left and walk down the hill to Pearse Square, the Grand Hotel, and your starting point.

– Information on walk provided by Barry Connolly, Tom Baker, Kevin O’Farrell and Tom Tobin, from their guide ‘Walking in Fermoy, the Galtees and Surroundings’ (Fermoy, 1999).

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