Castlelyons, The Coole Abbey Loop

Category: Country Walks
Difficulty: Moderate

From the Community Centre, walk toward Fermoy and then, at the Franciscan Abbey crossroads, turn left toward Kill-St-Anne Cemetery. Take the first turn right and, if you wish, visit the old cemetery, which you will be passing.

Proceed along this road and turn right at the first crossroads. Keep straight ahead through the next crossroads and follow the pleasant meandering road toward Coole.

Turn right at Coole and proceed along this road straight through the first crossroads – Edgar’s Cross – and turning right at the next crossroads (800m along this road). Walk along this road for approximately 3.2km, noting the very rich farmland which bounds this road on both sides.

At the school in Castlelyons village, on the junction known as Stable Cross, turn right and proceed back up the village. On your left, you will see the ruins of the old Barrymore Castle.

Proceed along the road until you arrive back at the Community Centre and your starting point.

– Information on walk provided by Barry Connolly, Tom Baker, Kevin O’Farrell and Tom Tobin, from their guide ‘Walking in Fermoy, the Galtees and Surroundings’ (Fermoy, 1999)

Points of Interest