Bóthar Glas (Annaleentha)

An Bóthar Glas is a 3.5km greenway catering for walkers and cyclists between Analeentha Bridge and Milford Bridge. The flat route which forms part of the Blackwater Way (Avondhu), runs adjacent to the Clyda River and passes through parts of the townlands of Monaparson, Ballyfilibeen and Kilquane. This easy walk consists of a 3.5km walk starting close to Analeentha Church and Analeentha National School and finishing clost by An Teampaillin near Milford Bridge.

Route Details


Generally flat trails with some undulations. Surfaces may be a little rough in places (roots, stones, etc) with short steeper sections. Usually of short duration.





Highlights of the Route

The River Clyda

“A wriggling trout in a clear pool, a blue flash of a Kingfisher, a refreshing summer dip”. The River Clyda has always provided enjoyment and mystery. The bridges crossing the Clyda in this locality are know as follows: Spur Bridge, Athnalacca Bridge, Milford Bridge, Jordan’s Bridge, Analeentha Bridge.


The Church is in ruins, and was formerly a friary, order is unknown. It was founded by St. Cohen or Quain. The style of architecture appears to be the 14th century. It was destroyed in the wars of the 17th century. There is a graveyard in part of the enclosure at Teampaillin. Unbaptised babies are said to have been buried here and it is also thought to have been a famine graveyard.

Sinner’s Stone

This holed stone is in a field across from Teampaillin. Folklore tells of evildoers who went to Carraig an Pheacaigh to make reparation for their offences. The right hand placed on the hole in the stone. The stone is then closed about the wrist and thus the sinner remained until his sufferings made satisfaction for the wrong done.

Annaleentha Church and School

The Original Church was known as Athnalinte and was a thatched building located across from Analeentha Bridge. The current Roman Catholic Church is located along Analeentha Hill. It was opened in 1843. The National School in Analeentha opened in 1889.