Ballydesmond, The Bog Road Loop

Category: Country Walks

Difficulty: Moderate

Starting at the car park of the Ballydesmond Catholic church and graveyard, take the narrow road on the right side of the church.A short distance from here, you will pass a basketball court on your right. Continue along this quiet country road, past the court, until you come to a T junction signposted “Trailhead for the Source of the Blackwater Walk”. Turn left here.

You will eventually come to another T junction and, again, follow the trailhead sign to the left. As you look ahead, you will see the road rising up through the forestry.

Continue along this road, crossing the first bridge over the Blackwater river. Approximately 400m beyond the bridge, you will come to a way-marker pointing to the right. Ignore this, and continue straight ahead.

Almost a kilometre from the way-marker, you will see evidence of turf cutting on both sides of the road. Begin to watch for the track leading left through the forest, as this is your return route to Ballydesmond.

As you approach the next T junction (after taking the forest track), the road descends and wonderful views of the hillsides of Nad, Mount Hillary and Bweeng open up before you.

Turn left at this T junction and continue straight through the next crossroads, following the road until you reach the main route to Ballydesmond. Turn left.

All due caution is needed for the next 750m until you reach the foot path in the village.

Turn left in the village to return to the car park.

Points of Interest