Blarney, The River Walk Loop

Category: Town Walks
Difficulty: Moderate

Before entering Blarney village, take the Waterloo Road and park your car in the car parking area across from Waterloo Joinery.

Proceed through an open section of the car park’s wooden fence onto a path and walk in the direction of Waterloo.

As you proceed along the path, you will come across a series of standing stones with carved plaques depicting nature, fables and the history of the area, including that of the famous Blarney Woollen Mills.

Where the path divides in two, take either route – it only splits to circumvent the mill pond.

The path eventually exits onto the main Blarney to Waterloo road. Due care is advised for the short stretch of road (approximately 600m) prior to reaching the Waterloo Inn.

Follow ‘The Stoney Path’ onto the fenced track marked by an orange way-marker on a rock. Where the track turns left for the church, you turn right to take the path through the tunnel.

Exit the tunnel and take the sharp right beside the timber fence. This path travels parallel to the main road, with the two routes separated only by a few patches of woodland. Continue along this route until you come to a metal gate exiting onto the road.

Take another sharp right, crossing the overpass bridge by the footpath, and proceed downhill toward the village of Blarney.

On reaching the main Cork/Tower road, turn right along the footpath. Proceed to the next right turn – onto the Blarney/Waterloo road – and continue back to the car park.

Points of Interest