Ballyduff, The Piers Loop

Category: Country Walks
Difficulty: Moderate

Park in the Ballyduff Community Centre car park (situated uphill from the community centre). The parking area offers a fantastic view of the Blackwater Valley below.

Exit the car park and turn right. The road rises quickly from here. At the first Y junction, keep left, noting the deep glen to your left-hand side. After passing the second junction on your right, the road begins to level out and, if you look down to your left, you can get a sweeping view of the valley in both directions.

Having kept to the left at all the junctions so far, you will come to a large white house on your right and a road turning sharply left down to a farm. Keep straight ahead at this junction. Shortly before the next left turn, note the remains of a kiln on your right at a turn into a track.

Shortly after passing a bungalow on the right, you will see a sharp left turn. Looking along this road, you will see it descending and rising steeply. At the other end of the road is a little white cottage. Turn down this road (known locally as ‘The Piers’). Turn left at the T junction in front of the cottage.

Ignore the next two junctions to the right and continue down the tree-lined road. At the next Y junction, take the grass-centred left fork. As you descend, note the river below on the left.

On reaching the main road, turn left and walk through the village of Ballyduff. Turn left at the sign post for the car park.

Points of Interest