Ballard Waterfall Loop

Ballard Waterfall Trail is located at Mountain Barrack, just outside Mitchelstown, North Cork. Walking the trail takes approximately 1.5 hours, where you will walk on the roadway, forest track and paths until you reach the beautiful hidden Ballard Waterfall, while enjoying the country views all around.

Dogs are not permitted on the walk.

Route Details


This is a Moderate Trail. Trails will have steeper gradients, may have rough underfoot conditions, with protruding roots and natural features. Strong footwear recommended.




1hr 30mins

Highlights of the Route


Walkers along the Blackwater Way (Avondhu) will come across the hidden gem of Ballard Waterfall on the Muchnagh River.

The Blackwater Way (Avondhu)

The Blackwater Way (Avondhu and Duhallow combined) is a 168 kilometre linear long distance walking route that intersects the Killavullen Loop Trail. This walk stretches from the borders of west County Waterford across north County Cork and into the County of Kerry and is part of the European E8 route.


Feel free to download the Ballard Trail Map. Please note that the representation on the map of roads, tracks, and paths may be subject to change and should not be interpreted as conferring a right of way. Avondhu Blackwater Partnership always recommend the use of a the Discovery Series maps when walking and the use of GPS.