Category: Hiking
Difficulty: Moderate

Starting from the graveyard car park, proceed uphill to the forest entrance at the bend in the road. Follow the purple arrow onto a leafy woodland path. This is a segment of the Blackwater Way, marked with yellow arrows and the ‘trekking man’ logo.

After 300m you reach an uphill path on your left. This is where your loop will rejoin the woodland path on your return journey. Continue straight at this junction.

Follow the woodland path for another 200m to where the Blackwater Way turns right onto a downhill path. You veer left here, following the purple arrows which will guide you around the remainder of the loop. Continue to follow this path for a further 400m to exit onto a forest track where you turn left.

Continue along the forest track until you reach a T junction, at which you turn right and begin the ascent toward Corran Mountain. As you ascend, views of the Avondhu region and the Boggeragh Mountains open up on your right. After 3km, the loop reaches its highest point (400m) where a forestry track which leads uphill to the summit of Corran and a metal mast diverges from your current path. Continue straight here.

The loop now begins to descend, gently for the first 1km, to reach a grassy track on the left near a right bend. Turn left onto the grassy track and follow it along the edge of the forestry (on your right) for 600m to reach a narrow woodland path going downhill to your right. Take this path for a brief 200m to exit again onto a forest track where you turn left.

The loop continues its gentle descent, with good views of the Blackwater Valley opening up in front and to your right. After almost 3km, you reach a ‘crossroads’ of forestry tracks at which you turn left.

The loop ascends briefly before turning right into woodland and then following a series of paths downhill to eventually reach a wooden-log barrier. Turn right here and enjoy the remaining journey back to the trailhead.

Points of Interest